Having a Duplicate House Key is a Smart Decision

That sinking feeling, when you’ve lost your house key and cannot get into your home is terrible. Many of us have experienced this, and it can be even worse if we have shopping to put away or if the weather is bad. Of course, you can call on your skilled 24/7 local locksmith to come and help, but perhaps a back up plan would be a better idea? The best way to prepare for this possibility is to have a duplicate house key available, let’s take a closer look at how this would work.

duplicate house key

The Need for a Key:

You can prepare for a lost key scenario by having one or more duplicate keys made by a trustworthy professional locksmith. This will ensure that your security is not compromised and that the key works correctly. The key is an essential part of your security, and without it, you have no access to your home or even your car. A lockout can be resolved quickly, but these will be an inevitable wait, and it can be expensive especially out of regular hours. Having a spare key ensures that you can get access to your property without a locksmith and save yourself a lot of hassle.

Choosing Duplicate Keys:

Obviously, there is no point in having your duplicate key in your home where you cannot access it in an emergency. Likewise, carrying your duplicate key around with you is not a good idea, this is your backup plan, and it needs to be kept safe and separate. Access to your backup key needs to be secure and restricted; the key must not fall into the wrong hands. The first thing you need to work out, is how many duplicate keys will there be? Every duplicate key adds additional complications for keeping them secure and available. Does everyone in the home need a duplicate key cut for them? This is probably excessive, and you may want to limit the number of duplicate keys to one or two.

Locating the Duplicate Keys:

Now that you know how many duplicate keys there will be, you will need to locate them. The old days of hiding a key under a stone near the front door are long gone and should be avoided. The very best solution is to entrust your key with a trusted local family member to keep safe. The key should not be labelled with any obvious address in case it’s stolen, and it should be kept separate from other keys. If your original keys have gone missing and you need to use your duplicate key, you should consider changing your locks. It may be the case that your original key is in criminal hands and your locks will have to be changed, and a new duplicate key will be required.

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