Windows Locks Installation in Perth

Never rely on DIYs. Always trust your expert residential locksmith, Go Locksmiths Peth!

There is no doubt you can learn how to troubleshoot or install a door lock. However, expert locksmiths study and train for years. We know the deeper technicalities of lock installation and everything to do with safety. In addition, legit locksmiths are certified and licensed. 

So many things can go wrong when it comes to lock installation. There are so many factors you should also investigate before drilling and installing these safety devices. For instance, making sure that the door is well attached to the door jam and levelling of the door from the wall to the floor takes precision.

And you don’t want to make matters worse on a midnight and you have no one to ask for help. In this case our emergency locksmith service is your best solution.

Need replacing or repairing your windows locks? Call us today!

It’s so easy to diagnose when to change things around your house. For example, a broken window is a no-brainer sign that it needs replacement. However, some signs can be easily overlooked regarding door locks. Here are signs you should look out for:

Not latching correctly.

No matter how you care for your door locks, there is natural wear and tear. So, when your door is not latching correctly anymore, there could be something wrong with the mechanism. Though you can still repair your lock in some cases, the only way to tell is by seeking the help of an expert locksmith.

When you’ve lost your keys.

This one’s a no-brainer. Typically, when losing keys, we call a locksmith in Perth and probably also request a copy of your original keys. However, it is safer to change the locks for your safety to avoid any vulnerabilities. 

When changing locks, find one that an expert recommends. Go Locksmiths Perth has a team of trained experts who can help you search for the most durable and safe locks for your home. Contact us today!


Can you make spare key cuts?

Yes, we do! Have a spare key for your car, home, safe, and office. Spare keys hidden in safe places come in handy whenever you lose or forget your keys. However, if you don’t have them, Go Locksmiths Perth is here for you! 

Our team of experts is well-trained in handling emergencies. Additionally, our residential locksmith can also help you with lock replacements should you need them.

Will locksmiths duplicate a “Do Not Copy” key?

The straightforward answer is “Yes.” While the sign clearly states not to copy such keys, there are no laws that prevent us from doing so. In addition, the engraved message on these keys is not legally binding but only a recommendation. 

However, if your key is a registered master key, a patent protects its design and is valid for up to 10 years. During this period, locksmiths permitted to make copies are the only ones allowed to cut this key legally. So, unless your key is a registered master key, we can make a copy of it. However, to protect our interest, we might require proof of property ownership to the key belongs in these instances.

For further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Should I replace all my locks if I lose all my keys?

That depends on how you lost your original set of keys. However, changing your locks is the most convenient option to prevent any vulnerabilities. 

While replacing a lock is an easy option, you might want to consider rekeying. Creating a new key for your existing lock is called rekeying, and the old keys will no longer work after this. 

However, we advise you to change your locks entirely if the keys were stolen. Our team of experts can help you find the best one for your home. 

Is it possible to find a cheap locksmith in Perth?

Services price range can vary from company to company, but suspiciously cheap services should be a trigger warning for locksmith scams. Fake locksmiths usually quote super low prices to bait customers, then surprise you with a higher charge onsite. They will typically tell you that the job is more complicated and will cost more. 

At Go Locksmiths Perth, we can assure you get your money’s worth without breaking the bank. So, get in touch with our team for a thorough assessment.




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