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We also provide a rekeying service for most insurance companies when your home has been broken into or your keys have been stolen, this is recommended by the police to prevent the perpetrator from re- entering your home and in most cases we can direct bill.

Rekeying is a cheaper way of securing your home if your locks are of good quality and condition, the locks are rekeyed to suit a new key and the old key will no longer work in those locks. If you have many different keys to your home and would like to limit it to fewer keys, rekeying would also do this.

The term “Rekey” is used in the locksmith industry to define the process of removing the inner workings of a lock and replacing them to work with a different key cut.  The process takes the skill, experience and precision of an experienced locksmith.  Go Perth Locksmiths has the experience required for a quality rekey each time, every time.  Our technicians are fully trained and come to you in their mobile shop on wheels stocked with all the tools, equipment and supplies ready to Rekey Your Home, Office or Residential Lock.

Go Locksmiths Perth has over 30 years of experience in the locksmith industry, and we are Locksmiths in Perth you can count on for quick and reliable service.

Residential Lock Rekey Perth

Go Locksmiths Perth provides Perth residential owners with professional and affordable rekey services.  Our products are from top quality brand manufacturers, our tools the finest in the trade, and our techniques the most advanced to ensure accuracy, safety and security.  Rekeying locks takes expert skill and experience.  Our locksmiths are fully qualified with years of experience in Rekeying Locks and are fully licensed and insured, ensuring a job well done each time.  We provide 24/7, 365 service and are ready to serve you any time day or night.  We provide services on all types of residential locks at the best rates in Perth.

Commercial Rekey Perth

Go Locksmiths Perth are highly skilled Commercial Locksmith technicians offering rekeying services to all business owners and organizations in Perth and its surrounding areas.  Our technicians are fully equipped with the best tools and equipment and have years of experience under their belt, providing professional services at the best rates in the industry.

Commercial locks are often complex high security locks and an experienced locksmith is necessary to ensure high quality workmanship for the safety and security of the business.  Go Locksmiths Perth technicians are professional locksmiths who work on all types of locks and security needs, ensuring their workmanship 100 percent.  We are the Locksmiths in Perth you can count on for high quality products and work at competitive prices.

Emergency Rekey Perth

When you have an urgent rekey matter, you need a locksmith you can trust.  We are the quick solution for an Emergency Locksmith in Perth, providing high quality emergency rekey services for your home, office and commercial. Our technicians are quickly dispatched and arrive in their mobile shop on wheels, fully stocked with the proper tools and supplies for the best quality rekey.  Go Locksmiths Perth are trusted and recognised locksmiths in Perth with years of experience in the industry who offer emergency rekey services at the best rates in Perth.

Go Locksmiths Perth are quality locksmiths who quickly respond to your urgent rekey needs with high quality products and years of experience to perform a high quality job.  For rekey needs, call Go Locksmiths Perth today.  We are the competitive leaders you can trust with all your locksmith needs.

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