Emergency Locksmith in Perth

If you’re locked out, you might be hesitant to call a locksmith for various security reasons. But never be hesitant to contact Go Locksmith Perth especially when the situation is an emergency as we are one of the most reputable names in the city.

You won’t be calling toll-free phone numbers

Locksmiths who use toll-free numbers are most likely to be a scam. In addition, these toll-free numbers mean you are dealing with an out-of-state call centre, which is a sign of a locksmith scam. With Go Locksmith Perth, you will be calling a real local number. 

Your trust is important to us

Locksmiths who offer services with no brand or do not have permits to show the legitimacy of their business are a red flag. 

Go Locksmith Perth has a long track record with proof of our business’s legitimacy, such as permits and licenses. We know how sensitive the situation is when you are locked in the middle of the night and you feel not secure of calling for help from any strangers. With us, your security and trust are our number one priority.

Get reasonable rates

While things can change after assessing the problem, transparent pricing for the services you are getting can give you an idea of how much a job may cost. In addition, you can ask for a detailed breakdown of things in writing and note any changes that may arise. 

Here at Go Locksmiths Perth, you can put your mind at ease. Our locksmiths have a license and years of experience, which earned them a good reputation. So, we surely won’t waste the years of hard work and honesty we put into our brand and just let it down the drain. 

Our Emergency Locksmiths in Perth are Open 24/7

As our promise, our expert locksmiths in Perth are available anytime to answer your call and go to your location to fix your door, window, or car. Our lines are open 24/7 and we don’t hesitate to help anytime, anywhere. 

Some of our services:


Why do some keys have a “Do Not Copy” engraved on them?

Some business keys have engraved messages on them because of the pressing of property owners and managers. In addition, having the message imprinted on the key is their way of controlling security violations from terminated employees, construction workers, former tenants, or anyone with the key. 

Unless the key is a patented or a registered design, it is legal to have these keys copied. Therefore, owners have a false sense of security. If you have a do not copy key, you may want to ask if this key is a registered design. Furthermore, the registered design keys patent expires in 10 years. So, there is no reason for locksmiths to copy the keys for you. 

How can I keep my door locks working for a long time?

Make sure your door locks are always clean. All you need is a mild detergent and a damp, clean cloth to clean the outside of the locks. Unfortunately, petroleum-based or abrasive cleaners can damage the finish of your lock, which can induce rusting.

If your locks are dusty, an old toothbrush can do the trick. With a dry brush, clear out the dust that may have accumulated on the lock and use canned air to blow off dust in the interior parts.

After applying silicone or graphite-based lubricant, insert the key and turn it a few times to ensure the lube worked its way throughout the lock. Then, wipe off any excess product that comes out of the keyhole and on the key. 

Lock maintenance once a year is a good idea to optimise and keep your lock for much longer.

What is a master key?

A master key is a unique key that can open different types of locks. It can only open locks that have been master keyed—an excellent example of how a master key works is found in an apartment building. But that doesn’t mean the key for apartment 1 opens apartment 2. Only a master key can open both doors. Property owners typically master key their business so they can open doors whenever a tenant loses or forgets their keys.




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