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When a locksmith emergency arises, the quick service of a qualified locksmith is essential. Go Locksmiths Applecross are professional locksmiths who respond to locksmith emergencies day or night. Our locksmiths are fully licenced, insured and bonded, and provide affordable locksmith services to residential and business owners in all suburbs of Applecross.

Our 24 hour emergency locksmith services are affordable and include:

Why Choose Go Locksmiths Applecross?

Go Locksmiths Applecross are passionate locksmiths who have over 30 years of experience in locksmith repairs, installations and replacements. We serve resident and business owners in Applecross with home, commercial and auto locksmith solutions.

Our locksmiths are highly trained and seasoned and perform a range of locksmith services from simple lockouts, to highly complex Security Alarm Repairs, Installations and Replacements, to Access Control and more.

Our Applecross locksmiths travel with all the necessary tools and equipment as well as top of the line products in their mobile shop on wheels to ensure they are capable of handling any size and type of locksmith emergency.
All costs are quoted upfront to ensure there is never a question as to the cost of a job.

Trusted by clients everywhere

Trust is essential when security is the discussion, one could always agree. Accumulated from clients from all over the area, our three decades’ worth of experience and expertise puts our clients in comfort, knowing that fully trained professionals are giving them the solutions they need.

Not only does Go Locksmiths in Applecross use state-of-the-art equipment models, but our response time is also as fast as our services. As a result, you will never have to wait hours for help to arrive, nor will you have to worry about waiting for the problem to get fixed for a long time.

We have the experience and the decades to show for it.

Thirty years is a long time, but we are not aiming for an exact number. So, Go Locksmiths in Applecross is here because we want to make our community a safer place for everyone, and thus, we will be here for 30 more and onwards.

Our professional locksmiths have been with us for the longest time, accumulating in-depth knowledge of the work to provide excellent results. 

They are a thoroughly trained and seasoned group of lock specialists that you can always rely on, from the simplest of lock requests and repairs to the more complicated and complex installations and replacements of security alarms, Access Control Systems, and much more.

Top-quality services at a highly affordable, budget-friendly price

Whether you need residential, auto, or commercial services, rest assured that our service-to-price ratio is very budget-friendly. With the latest and top-of-the-line products in the mobile shop on wheels, we can handle any emergency, no matter the type or the size of the lock.

We have seen it all; we have been repairing and upgrading all kinds of locks for years. Known to be efficient workers that offer our clients only the best experiences and satisfaction, we are unmatched.

Let us give you the best solutions.

The Applecross Suburb in Perth’s community is safe, but that does not mean we should be careless, especially when we are running a business or have sensitive files that we do not want anyone to access. Go Locksmiths in Applecross will ensure that the premises have the proper protection based on your needs.

For a permanent solution and to avoid worries later, contact Go Locksmiths in Applecross now and let us discuss your security and how we can help you improve it.

Our hotline is always open for a call.

We value our customers and clients as much as we love our craft.

For the best rates in town, you can contact us anytime, as we are available 24 hours a day to attend to your needs and emergencies. Our line is always open for you at 0413 207 778.


Are your locksmiths licensed?

Yes. Go Locksmiths in Applecross has fully licensed locksmiths. Not only do they have licenses for locksmith services, but they are also insured and bonded.

How much does the service usually cost?

It depends on the kind of product and service needed. Known for our most affordable prices, you can only expect to get the lowest possible price for a permanent solution.

To set expectations, you can get a free quote by clicking on “Get a Quote,” which you can find on this page to have some idea of the rates that your services may cost, or you can always call us at 0413 207 778, so we can adequately discuss your budget and service needed.

Are there any hidden or additional charges?

No. We are transparent with our customers and clients, so if you need a free quote, we can always give you one or talk to us over the phone, so we can talk about the exact services you need and the exact price without any hidden charges

Are there some services not available 24 hours a day?

You can avail of all of our services 24 hours a day, any day.

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For quick and reliable locksmiths in Applecross who are affordable, contact Go Locksmith Applecross today. Our locksmith Perth services include 24 hour locksmith services at the best rates in town. For a free quote on your locksmith needs, contact via our “Get a Quote” form found on this page or call us directly at the number below.

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