Why is My Car Key Not Working? Expert Auto Locksmith Advice

When you’re in a hurry to get to work or tired and heading home, there is nothing worse than having a car key that will not work. You could be locked out of your car, or perhaps the car will not start. Sometimes there may be a simple solution, but after a while, it may dawn on you that this is a more serious problem and your car key isn’t working. Let’s take a closer look at why this may be the case.


The Different Types of Car Keys:

Knowing which type of car key you have is the first step in diagnosing the problem. In the old days, all analogue car keys were exactly the same, but modern car keys are more complex. If you have a car key from before 1995, you probably have a traditional analogue key. After 1995, many car manufacturers started to use transponder keys, which is paired securely to your car using a transmitter in the key linked to a receiver in the car. The transmitter and receiver have to exchange signals that verify that the correct key is being used. This concept advanced, many modern cars now have keyless entry, that uses a button on a remote to open the car. This is similar to a transponder key, but a push button is now used instead of a key and ignition cylinder system.

Why is the Car Key Not Working?

Here are some of the most common causes of key failure:

A Damaged Lock: The lock itself could be damaged, it may be worn or have developed a fault. There could be dirt or debris in the door lock, and it may need cleaning.

A Damaged Key: The key could be damaged, when people think about broken keys they envisage a traditional key broken into pieces. However, a modern key could be damaged internally, and you wouldn’t know by looking at it. The electronics in your key could have developed a fault or a battery in the key fob may need changing.

A Faulty Ignition Cylinder: The problem may not be with the door locks at all and be focused on the ignition. The key may be damaged, but it may be the car ignition.

The Key isn’t Programmed: Modern car keys have a layer of security programmed into them to keep them secure. If the key has not been programmed correctly or an error has occurred the key could stop working.

You Have an Aftermarket Key: An aftermarket car key is a cheap option that’s available for replacing car key or getting spares. These lower quality keys are not very secure, and they are prone to failure.

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