Smart Locks Installation in Perth

Intelligent locks are recent innovations in home protection, allowing homeowners to access their property without needing a conventional key. Instead, the device is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-connected that can be locked or unlocked with just the tap of a finger. 

If you are upgrading your home’s security to the smart lock system, you will need to get the help of a trained locksmith. Go Locksmith Perth offers a fast and efficient installation or repair of smart locks in your homes. 

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What are Smart Locks?

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart locks are the newest technology that allows keyless entry to your homes. It is connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to lock or unlock the door through a voice command or a finger tap. 

The smart lock system is an evolving technology with features changing based on trends and innovation. Nowadays, the newest features include support for a digital assistant like Alexa, Siri, or other mobile app integrations.

When upgrading your home security, you will need the help of an expert locksmith in Perth. Our technicians can help install your new home security feature and ensure it runs smoothly. Go Locksmith Perth has a team of professional locksmiths working for residential and commercial spaces.  

Let Our Professionals Do Your Smart Lock Installations

Smart locks are generally not hard to install, but it is recommended to have a locksmith do the installation. The installation considers many things, including the lock case size, door thickness, hole placements, and distance from the modem. 

Additionally, if you have a security or anti-theft door with a king-grade lock system, you will need an open hole to install the smart lock. Anti-theft doors also need ground hooking, making installing a smart security system harder. 

Our professional locksmiths are trained and experienced in understanding the unique setup requirements of your new smart lock. Intelligent locks are generally not complicated, but they need the hands of a professional to avoid problems during installations. 

The Advantages of Having an Intelligent Door Lock

Smart locks are recreating the home security industry to a whole new level. It allows you to customise your homeowning experience with convenience and modern protection rolled in a single unit. Some of the best features of an intelligent home security lock include:

  • Connectivity features for real-time monitoring
  • In-app remote access
  • Multiple options for a keyless entry
  • Entry code customisation
  • Setup access limits
  • Auto-lock triggers
  • Smartphone alert notifications
  • Integrated with your smart home connections

Smart entry locks are the future of home security with conveniences that address today’s technological demands. Having it installed or repaired by a professional locksmith will allow you to enjoy its features thoroughly. 


How much do smart locks cost in Perth?

Smart locks come in various features, and the pricing is based on what the product includes. However, the average cost of an intelligent door lock ranges from $200-$600. So, when buying one, know what you want and how much security you need for your home. This decision will allow you to pick the right ones without spending too much on features you do not need.

How do I find the right smart lock for my front door?

With so many emerging smart lock products in the market, we understand it is hard to pick which one suits your needs. Our team of professional locksmiths does not only install or repair smart locks but can also recommend the right product to suit your needs. Call us now so we can schedule an appointment with you. 

How long do I wait for your team to get to my house?

We understand that securing your property is an utmost concern. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 to help secure your home. If you are within the city, please wait 10-15 minutes for our locksmiths to get to your location. However, if you are within the city’s outer suburbs, please give us a maximum of 30 minutes. We guarantee to work on your smart lock within the same day. 

Can you reprogram intelligent locks?

If there are no technical issues with your smart lock, we can reset it to default and reset the settings so you can set up the door lock again. However, if there are technical issues, our locksmith must figure out the problem before it can be reprogrammed to default. 


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